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"I enjoy a wide selection of creative pursuits most of which are represented in Gert Lush Designs products. My main focus is jewellery and I specialise in wirework and fused glass and I like to experiment with new techniques so my work is constantly evolving


When I am not twisting wire I am a bit of a fabric alchemist. I like taking carefully selected fabrics to make bright, vibrant, fun and funky bags for everyday use. I also enjoy creating my own hand dyed freehand batik fabrics to use in creating my unique bags.  I also like to bring small left over fabric pieces to life by turning them into little fabric chick ornaments, each one is unique.


My final creative interest (for now!) is art in many forms, from painting with watercolours and acrylics to intricate, eye catching, hand drawn doodles and I also occasionally dabble with wet felted and needle felted art work. I mainly sell these as prints and cards......the list goes on and is constantly evolving!!"


You can see more of my creations at my website -


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Gert Lush Designs

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Creator of all things 'LUSH' at Gert Lush Designs is Sharon Fielding (Pauline's niece!)

Sharon lives in Bristol and adopted the Bristolian phrase 'Gert Lush' for her company name as she loved it the first time she heard it.  According to the urban dictionary, Gert Lush, is the highest form of praise given to anything by a Bristolian and as Sharon specialises in limited edition and unique items she decided that it was a good way to describe her work!

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