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We weave for our own enjoyment, we love the colours, the textures of the yarn and the feel of the finsihed product especially silk, alpaca and best of all cashmere.  We sell our scarves and bags at a small number of events each year.


We dye our silk yarns to make unique scarves and also dye much of our cotton, tencel and bamboo yarns.   As a result of this we usually have a selection of hand dyed threads to offer embroiderers at our sales.  These are created from the left overs from our weaving and experiments with dyeing colour combinations on small quantities of thread.


Fun with fibres

We have just bought a drum carder (  which Bridget is loving.  We are getting bright coloured  carded fibres rolling off at speed (I'm surprised she can manage to leave it in the studio and not take it home to bed with her)  She will be nurturing her spinning skills  with her favourite Turkish drop spindle and the spinning wheel may even appear soon.  We are  planning to felt some of this so wait and see what happens.




We dye our yarn in the garden on sunny days. We end up with brightly coloured grass (usually ourselves) and hang it to dry on the washing line much to visitors amusement